20 years of Data Management and Biostatistics Excellence

Every clinical trial is a scientific experiment and the clinical data generated is the key output of this experiment. All the people and processes involved in a trial tirelessly work with one goal in mind: to obtain complete, accurate and timely data for objective decision-making by drug developers, medical staff, investors and regulators. In other words, clinical trial data should be valued like gold dust, not coal dust.

Since our beginning as a specialist data provider 20 years ago, Cmed has enjoyed a reputation for providing expert data services. We now boast a team of 140 strategically located staff for data and analytics, ready to help sponsors make fast and accurate deliveries, despite the increasing volumes, types and sources of data in clinical trials today. 

Our clinical data scientists have demonstrated their skills in technical innovation and project delivery on over 700 studies ranging from rapid first in human studies, through trials with complex and adaptive protocols to huge registry studies involving over 10,000 patients.

Over the years, we have grown our geographic presence from one country to conducting trials in more than 78 countries and involving patient data across all continents. In 2003, we conducted our first multinational trial, in 2006 our first trial involving Asia-Pacific, and in 2015, our 500th trial. 

We have been developing and using interactive data visualizations and dashboards since 2010. These have now been used in hundreds of studies, many of which have supported safety decisions and sponsor presentations at conferences.

The majority of our clients choose Cmed as a partner for repeat projects, for example our relationship with one large pharma customer has lasted over 20 years, Cmed’s formula of putting customer service first is proven. Milestones are constantly met or even exceeded. We have released databases within two weeks. 80% of our statistical deliveries are achieved earlier than planned.  A recent survey of clients revealed:

  • 100% of clients rate Cmed’s expertise in Data and Analytics services as Very Good or Good
  • 100% would be Very Likely or Likely to recommend Cmed to their colleagues within their organization or other organizations
  • Some specific feedback included:
    • “High quality, flexible, knowledgeable project managers”
    • “Excellent knowledge of processes and work-around options”
    • “Quality and tailored service” 
    • “All members of the team are highly skilled, knowledgeable [and] responsive…”

Being a Technology-led CRO, we focus on delivering products and technical solutions that work for our customers. From complex searchable selection table to the creative automatic ‘press of a button’ for choice of treatment path, we push system boundaries for solutions that enable our customers’ studies and their teams to perform better. We listen to their needs and work in a collaborative environment.

Quality is at the forefront of what we do. Having successfully passed more than 100 client audits and provided data to regulators, we continue to meet our customers’ standards.

In 2020 we witnessed closer attention to statistics and statistical modelling than we have seen for a generation, as the world tracked the inevitable spread of COVID-19. Now media attention has switched to the results of the first successful trials of new therapies and people’s trust in the vaccines. The importance of reliable data from clinical trials is as important as ever, and Cmed is ready to help.

Looking to the future, greater digitalization of clinical trials is inevitable as both a means to streamline processes and collect ever more accurate, complete and timely data from patients. Cmed has always looked to innovate in this way. To us, using eSource, home based data capture, remote source data verification, clinical data science or applying virtualization, decentralization or Artificial Intelligence are not future concepts, but processes we have already used and we are ready to apply them to your next clinical trial.

#HeadsUp. We’re here to help.