Decentralized Trials

Speed Without Compromising Patients Or Quality

In today’s world, Decentralized Trials (DCT) or virtual clinical trials are not a new concept.  Our industry has made the shift to full implementation and designing hybrid protocols that support trial continuity with a more patient-centric approach is the norm.  However, more complexity is now involved with even more intensive data capture.

Cmed have been working on these types of trials well before the arrival of COVID-19.  Our unique approach and experience [Link to Clinical Trials 2.0 white paper] give us the ability to implement agile methods and actionable accelerated strategies that help reduce workloads and patient burden, and gain speed to market.

 We provide…

  • Patient Centricity: With agility, our experts deploy patient-centric solutions to ease patient journeys, as well as reduce site burden.
  • Data Expertise: Our team of data experts are well versed and focused on extracting, merging, and releasing data from a high number and variety of data sources.
  • Holistic Technology: Our encapsia® platform is built to handle today’s DCTs by allowing you to take control of your data and removing the barriers to trial continuity.
  • Real World Data: Our data specialists can collect, analyze and interpret the data to bridge the gap between your DCT and real-world practice.


Monitoring Models
Experience with flexibility built in

As clinical development continues to increase in complexity, Cmed uses an established set of diverse clinical monitoring models to overcome your challenges. Especially when regular site visits are increasingly difficult.

We enable dynamic, fluid clinical trials with bespoke monitoring strategies that are:

  • Data driven
  • Risk-based
  • On-Site and off-site
  • Technology enabled


Central Data Review
Leveraged from expertise

With growing adoption of risk-based strategies, the use of Data Science and constantly evolving Technology, Cmed has expanded our central data review model that enables access to all your study data.

Our process applies statistical methods to generate meaningful dashboards paramount to a central control of your trials and support proactive review of study progress.

Cross-functional, matrix driven remote monitoring starts at enrollment utilizing direct integration of data from multiple sources. We provide central interactive visualizations shared with the medical teams which can be customized for your specific needs.

Digital Trials
Enhanced by Encapsia 

Encapsia enables the digitalization and decentralization of your clinical trials.

With patients now participating in clinical trials at home or away from a clinical trial site, they can be supported with remote participation, and staff personnel can communicate remotely with our monitors.

Encapsia eSource app makes real-time direct data capture a reality eliminating the need for study data transcription and review. Our solution enables reduction of site burden, improves data quality, provides data immediacy, and overall reduces monitoring costs.

In-built interactive visualizations enable clinical reviewers and medical monitors to review patient eligibility, enrollment, and study progress. They are supported by integrated communications tools for the whole study team.

Availability of standard integration packages makes access to any trial data simple and efficient. eConsent, IRT, eCOAs, etc. are supported with a direct workflow.

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