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Our expert Real World Data specialists work around the world to design and execute studies of any size or objective, all to deliver high quality results every time. We collect, analyze and interpret the data you need to bridge the knowledge gap between clinical trials and clinical practice.

  • Flexible team structures that adapt to study design changes and sponsor needs
  • Powerful system architecture designed for speed and scalability
  • Real-time visibility of clinical data and study status
  • System flexibility supports complex design requirements and seamless mid-study changes

By using a holistic, modern clinical data platform like encapsia, our staff have become experts in the management of real world data studies. Our solutions include:

  • Single large studies with hundreds or thousands of patients
  • Registry studies
  • Prospective or Retrospective Observational studies
  • Expanded or Early Access Programs (EAPs)
  • PASS (Post Authorisation Safety Surveillance)



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