Radiopharmaceutical Trials

Extensive Experience Of Supporting Sponsors Through Radiopharmaceutical Trials

We’ve been supporting complex Radiopharmaceutical (RP) trials on a global scale for over 10 years. Our focus is to make sure sponsors are comfortable and confident from the start, aware of potential risks, and realistic about results.

The Only Partner You’ll Need In RP Clinical Trials

We transform your synopsis into a fully rounded protocol with the maximum chance of success, carrying out detailed consideration, planning and management. Our team can bring everything together, ensuring the research and medical considerations match capabilities and local processes at site.

Our Nuclear Medicine departmental experience and package of processes can be used for very specific studies. And we take the time to allocate the right team for you.

  • 10+ years’ radiotherapeutics experience
  • Phase I-III, including first in human
  • Oncology and Rare diseases
  • Mono and combo therapy trials
  • USA, Europe and APAC
  • Study sizes up to 42 sites and 180 patients
  • 81 site relationships and over 570 patients

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Years radiotherapeutics experience


Study sizes up to 42 sites and 180 patients


81 site relationships and over 570 patients

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