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We are a technology led global Clinical Research Organization (CRO) with expertise in oncology, cell & gene therapy, rare diseases, and data science and analytics.

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Cmed is Where Technology Meets Expertise. No other CRO partner is better prepared to support Biotech and Biopharma sponsors deliver the future of clinical trials. Technology-led and with specialty expertise in oncology, cell & gene therapy, rare diseases, data science and analytics, we pioneered the processes for delivering next generation trials.

As the global pharmaceutical industry continues to undergo seismic change, our 20 years of innovation, commitment and expertise enable us to embrace radical disruption and transform the clinical trials landscape for the benefit of patients.

We anticipate. We adapt. We embrace every challenge. We are where you want to be.

Cmed announces it joins the AIXIAL Group, part of ALTEN, and continues to expand its global reach and service offering. This very synergistic combination enables Cmed to support its valued customers by creating a unique, fully integrated Technology-led CRO offering an end-to-end partner.


Three ways to support your research

Therapeutic Expertise

We specialize in applying both skills and technology to deliver well-managed trials in oncology, cell and gene therapy, and other rare diseases.

Functional Service Provision (FSP)

We have extensive experience in governance, management, and partnership as an FSP provider. Our approach is tailored to your requirements and adapts as the partnership evolves.


We utilize encapsia - the most advanced data capture and visualisation tool to give you better visibility of all your trial data to help you take quicker decisions in oncology trials

Thanks to all of you for your hard work and efforts. The project is going very well and overall, the Sponsor is very happy.

MANY MANY thanks for your ongoing support. You have all been top notch, and we are so thankful to be working with Cmed on this study.

How quickly Cmed collectively got the study up and running with our first SIV and FPI likely to be ahead of the planned date. It has ‘mesmerized the investors’.


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