Raising Awareness for Breast Cancer

During the month of October, all around the globe our employees gathered to learn and help spread awareness about Breast Cancer, a disease in which 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with in 2022. *

This was a great opportunity for all of us to not only learn about the many myths and facts and the importance of early detection via self-exams or mammograms, but to raise money for breast cancer charities where we live and work.

No matter the location, all employees wore pink in solidarity, and submitted many photos to commemorate their commitment to this important cause. We are proud to continue our work in this important space in efforts to eradicate this disease so that friends, family, and those we don’t even know need not suffer.

Aixial Group and encapsia are delighted to donate a total of £1000 to breast cancer charities.

We remain committed to raising awareness and contributing to other disease awareness days around the world through staff events and making further charitable donations.

Thank you to all our employees who gathered in our global offices to help raise awareness!

*ACS, 2022; DeSantis et al., 2021