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Celebrating 20 years

From the home office to the barn and back to the home office…

It was on a foggy autumn day in 1999 that our Cmed founder, David Connelly decided there was life outside big pharma and surely, someone out there could run smart trials. He walked across the countryside, thinking, thinking, thinking again… He was wondering if there was anyone able to claim they had cracked the clinical trials enigma. Anyone who had pulled all the pieces of the puzzle together? Anyone who was able to say “we’ve got this – the future is now – time to run smart clinical trials”? But all he could hear back was the chirping and tweeting of the birds… (no smart phones at the time…).

The cracking noise of the autumn leaves under his boots took him to a nice spot by the open water…. And there he sat, staring at the horizon. And he started thinking. Thinking more. And more (he does a lot of thinking…). A little voice in his head reminded him he had a big birthday coming soon; if he was going to do something then he had better get on with it!

It took a few more walks and listening to a few more chirping birds… A few more stares at the horizon… And surely enough, Cmed was ready to come to life.

Cmed was therefore founded in 2000 with the ultimate goal of running clinical trials better, and helping and saving lives. From day 1, smart trials were part of the Cmed vision, a vision many of us rallied behind through the years. A clinical trial is a scientific experiment involving people and it is the clinical data that is key. Everything else is supportive. It should be treated like gold dust, not coal dust, and all the clinical data, from whatever source, should be collected, held, managed and reviewed in one place and live. The vision was to remove duplication of tasks, put patients and sites at the forefront and deliver results faster, with better quality and more cost effectively.

At Cmed we are a team of experts passionate about helping pharma and biotech sponsors to deliver highly successful clinical trials. We bring together many experienced and talented individuals with innovative technology to drive real progress in the clinical trial process. We thrive on making clinical trials better and more innovative.

Cmed started to operate from its first UK headquarters (a converted barn…) initially focusing on Data Services. It quickly expanded with the acquisition of ThirdPhase, a technology provider based originally in Cambridge, UK (moving to a bigger barn…). As the functional service provision in Data Management and Biostatistics continued to extend to other European and US locations (no more barns…), Cmed naturally grew its expertise in Clinical Services. For the last 10 years, Cmed has significantly developed its full-service provision on a global basis with a focus on Oncology and Rare Diseases. Cmed has now run several hundred projects and has hundreds of staff along with a well-established network of independent experts. Cmed also really strives to provide a positive customer experience and everyone is expected to behave according to the Cmed values which are written as the 10 Cmed Guiding Principles. These include behaving as One Team. Cmed has made it its mission to combine expertise and technology and provide their clients an experience that is collaborative, flexible and positive (from new barns or home offices).

Cmed is thus different in many good ways. The industry has been tweeting about the disruption caused to clinical trials by COVID-19, the challenges caused by managing the uncertainty and the new normal. But we at Cmed don’t see esource, home based data capture, remote source data verification, clinical data science or applying virtualization, decentralization or Artificial Intelligence as anything but normal! It is the way it should be, and more. Cmed has followed this vision and path for twenty years. It is why we designed and built encapsia, an advanced, modern, cloud and app-based system for the capture, management and review of all clinical data, from whatever source, live. Time to remove the damp from under the boots…

At Cmed you will find people who are proud to contribute to the digitalization of clinical trials, proud to be working as One Team and grateful to our clients and those that have helped and believed in us. We are very excited about the future and our ability to deliver the new normal and beyond.

We are looking forward to sharing the next 20 years with you…

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