20 Years of Customer Service

As we continue to mark our 20th year serving the clinical development community and patients across the world, we want to celebrate one of the pillars to our success and a Cmed guiding principle, which is putting our customers first. Through the years, we’ve continued to gain valuable trial insight and experience, ultimately making us wiser, busier, and happier.  However, without listening to our customers and being responsive, available and proactive, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

Through the years, Cmed has gained valuable experience working with a multitude of customers on over 700 projects. With each one of them, we’ve adapted, expanded and become better at serving them year after year.  But don’t just take our word for it, here’s what our customers have to say!

Long running partnerships.

“The people at Cmed also seem to be happy to work there, with several of our contacts having been with Cmed for over 10 years.  The only contact I’ve had with the senior Cmed managers is to escalate cases of unusual success and our happiness with their performance.  Not a typical vendor experience!”

Working with small biotech.

“And please, let me underline once more that I’m very grateful to the whole Cmed team. I really appreciate how you handled things: fast action, pragmatic decision, efficient solution, going the extra mile to support the study. Top collaboration skills. Not to be taken for granted, thank you!”

Working with large pharma.

 ” ….. I wanted to extend my thanks from a DM perspective to the entire [Cmed] team for the effort and work you have put in throughout the year, to deliver something that is hugely complex and should have a big impact on patient treatment option insights in the future. Although we have been impacted by COVID and have had multiple iterations, created, re-reviewed and recreated you have all managed to keep some positivity and continue to drive forward at each timepoint, and for this I am extremely thankful.”

Solution oriented. Partnering with other providers.

“Your willingness to work through the problem and find a solution shows the site we’re working hard to provide them with the best possible solutions.”


The Cmed team was very helpful and responsive, and flexible with the different changes in my study. It was a real pleasure to work with them.”


“…I would like to thank all of you for your great dedication towards this important milestone for [sponsor name]!  We look forward to receiving great data from the study in the near future, which will eventually benefit many patients who are in desperate need of their life-changing therapy!  Congratulations and THANK YOU!!”

Walking the extra mile.

“…you went above and beyond the norm to accommodate our requests and turn things around in record time.  We really appreciate your patience and diligence.”

Customer centricity.

“A sincere and BIG thanks for all your hard work and excellent contribution to the conduct of trial, you surely have made my job easier.”

“I have been very impressed with the level of service – all members of the team are highly skilled, knowledgeable, responsive and pleasant to work with.”

As the clinical development landscape continues to undergo seismic change, we continue to be here to support, collaborate, and deliver expertise along with the right technology solutions to our valued customers.  No other CRO is better prepared to support Biotech and Biopharma sponsors deliver the future of clinical trials.

We anticipate. We adapt. We embrace every challenge. We are where you want to be.

Cmed Customer Service Infographic